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Writing to note that at this phase I feel like a lot is going well. It may be good to have the reminder someday.

Yesterday I got an email from a friend who feels her life is a bit out of balance; she's not good at taking care of her own needs, and they end up unmet as she juggles work, small child, household, etc. So although many things are going well she feels not quite right, weighed down, and feels that others manage better.

In writing her back I was struck by my sense that I understand the emotional challenges that all of us face a lot better than before. The more I read, here and other places, the more similarities I see in all the stories; so many issues seem to grow out of similar underlying feelings - uncertainties about are we good enough, are we loved. Also are we able to recognize and accept our own feelings.

So despite her sense that others do not struggle, I believe we all confront her feelings at times.

It was nice to feel, as I wrote, that I was writing from a place where I am comfortable with my life and who I am in it, and rather amazing to me how stable that place feels right now. Of course, I'm sure my sense that I can handle what life throws at me is fostered by the fact that it isn't throwing anything really tough right now, and I might lose confidence or self awareness under different circumstances.

It was also really nice to write to her without having to hide anything of my life; she is one of 4 or so friends who has been directly informed of the "new" relationship in my life. (Others have probably observed but have been left to draw their own (probably erroneous) conclusions.) Not that I was speaking of my relationships, but nonetheless I am glad she will receive my response with an awareness of all that it comes out of, rather than with an important aspect of my life hidden.
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