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Thanks, Diabolika!

So miss pixi and I went to see Les Mis a couple days later than planned since she also got the flu. But we made it and it was great!

2 nights before NYE we got 6" of snow here, but on NYE eve, we went to see a band of a friend of hers, at an Irish pub, in Somerville (in near Boston). It was singer/songwriter night and her friend's band was on first, so after she played, she joined us and her wife and we sat thru the next 2 bands, drank and ate and chatted. Fun! There was a bit less snow in Somerville and we found a parking space no problem.

Our money woes are somewhat lessening, hence going out to a pub for once! miss pixi got on SSDI (disability payments) and is picking up a work from home, part time, but well paying website design job or 2.

NYE we were still in Lowell and had Ginger over for a cozy night in, dinner, cocktails, tons of sex, blues music playing, then we poured hot fudge sauce on Ginger, sprayed on some whipped cream here and there, and dipped fruit in it, along with champagne to drink as midnight fell and 2013 began. Then we watched Kathy Griffin being extremely naughty with Anderson Cooper on CNN... it was so sexual and gay! Totally suited our moods.

So since then, last weekend I did a photo shoot of miss pixi for fun, partly negligee and partly fashion. Last Sunday was my 1 year anniversary with Ginger but he had to take his son back to college that day, so we are getting together tomorrow for a museum date, since our first date was a museum. He says he's not usually the holiday type, but every time he thinks of us hitting the one year mark, he gets a big smile.

He wants to do a photoshoot of ME on my new sheets. I found some brand new flannel leopard sheets at the thrift store. Rawr.
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