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Originally Posted by IrisAwakened View Post
It's a long story that I don't feel like divulging yet. More so wondering about how people know that their current relationships are not flawed before going poly. I would really like to continue polyamory in my future relationships, but how does one know their relationship is ready and strong enough? Can you know, or do you just take the plunge and find out?
Just saw your latest post after I finished my response...

I think that as long as you enter a relationship with honesty, good communication, expectations and guidelines laid out, then that's ok.

My GF and I started out as poly and we still are. We have never been monogamous together. It was hard for the first 6 months; but we were also brand new to the idea of poly *and* our relationship with each other.

I sometimes think it's worse when marital difficulties bring about poly than when a fresh relationship starts off as poly.

me: open poly (31, female)

involved with:
GF: (41, female) my long-distance, long-term partner
Earth: (35, female) newly dating

Hubby: (38, male) GF's husband
Garcon: (28, male) GF's boyfriend/submissive

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