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Default Poly or Problem?

How can one tell when they are married, if they are poly or if there are problems in their marriage that they are trying to escape from?

Last year my husband and I started practicing polyamory. It went wonderfully, I felt so fulfilled and free. He was fine with it as well, although didn't find a partner as soon as I did. A year later and I am contemplating divorce. It's not that I feel like running away with my other partner, I just have completely grown away from my spouse. He's my best friend and a great dad, but I don't feel like being married to him, tied to him romantically, anymore. I was blindsided, realizing that perhaps our relationship was flawed and I was blind to it until I put it to the poly test. Now I am wondering if I do split from him, will polyamory continue to make sense to me, or was that just an escape?
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