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OK I just realized I should probably say something about the current situation with me and Jen and her cluster of relationships. I will start with the V gift situation, I am suspicious of his true intentions. I know that he says he just wants to be secondary but when you give a woman diamonds, even fake ones, it says you want more than what you have in the relationship. So I don't trust V. The big situation is R, now I like him and he is a cool person one of the best people I have had a beer with. While I say this, I don't and can't believe what he says. I feel like Jen and R have been down this road a thousand times and it always ends up the same way Jen sad and heartbroken and me picking up the pieces and putting them back together. As much as I support Jen going after this relationship, I am skeptical about the duration. If I remember correctly the longest they have successfully been more than "just friends" was while I was in Korea. So there is my thoughts.
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