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Default Hi I'm new

Let me introduce myself. I'm Aquarius. I have been married to breathe deep for 15 years and for the most part it has been amazing. We laugh, we still love and have amazing talks that go on all night.we still catch each others glance across the room and smile and kiss if we pass in the hall. Great right???
Then two years and a half ago was the toughest time for me but that's not my story to tell. Just when I thought all was ok the bomb shell that he was a poly.
Wow, it hit hard. What I'm not enough for you. You think all we do feel share is easy to find. Do you have any idea how rare it is? I hated him, loved him then hated him again.
He was very patient. He allowed me time to think and there was no deadline. He was in no hurry he had waited all his life.
I thank him for that.
I year on I'm ready to explore this poly lifestyle. Is it for me. I don't know.
I'm sure I will make good friends that I can talk to about this( I can't talk to anyone about this at the moment)
Does the roller coaster emotions get easier. I'm scared of the next step. Not for him I realise it s something he needs but for me. How will I react?
My motto: one day at a time. I say it constantly.
Thanks for listening.
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