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Originally Posted by crisare View Post
One doesn't necessarily have to be oppressed to need legal protection and rights.
Definitely agree - I think the word is thrown around a lot more than it should be, along with a few others.

To go back to your question, Mono:

I think that the idea of being free to build a life with whosoever one chooses to is key here. "Building a life" means having the same benefits across the board, and not being differentiated based on who one chooses to have a relationship with.

I don't want to destroy the sanctity of marriage in any particular religious institution - I respect that some people hold this very dear to them, along with their faith. They should be allowed to keep that. If a particular church dictates that same-sex or plural marriages are not allowed, then that tells me a lot about that church, and helps me make a decision as to whether I feel comfortable in that religious community or not.

I would like to suggest a separation of church and state (radical, I know) when it comes to marriage, domestic partnerships, or whatever label it is given. Maybe we avoid the trigger-word "marriage" and allow that to be used only in a religious context, and use "domestic partnerships" or some other term. The main thing is that legally, the rights are the same from a legal perspective. This might mean some changes to the laws as far as marriage is concerned (I have read some opinions that the current structure would struggle to be applied to a plural marriage).

If we are going to treat everyone equally, then I think we need to truly treat everyone's relationships with other humans as equal in the eyes of the law.
We can deal with the issue of human-alien marriages when that situation arises, I think... (OK, maybe the reworking of "V" made an impression on me).

To do that some deconstruction and rebuilding will be necessary, and I'm not sure that the willingness is there to do it.

I think it would be nice to be able to get to that point without having to get into a confrontational "oppression/privilege" mindset, if possible.

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