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So I just thought I might put up an update on what is happening now.

I think S is distancing me/us.

On NYE he texted a greeting and made an excuse for not coming to our party. Even though I sent him an invitation, I really didn't expect him to come so this was no big deal. On New Years Day, he suddenly stopped communicating via facebook. He always used to "like" stuff we put up or make little comments. Over the past 9 days there has been nothing on fb. Not one little like of our stuff even though he has been on and posted stuff etc.

I sent him a text message a couple of days after NYE and he replied over 24 hours later saying his phone was flat but he seemed ok. Then a bit later I saw him online on fb and just sent a general enquiry as to how he was. Again he did not reply until over 24hrs later even though he was still online.

Obviously I am feeling a bit hurt by this. I don't know what has happened. What I do know is that he had his sister and family staying from New Years Day. Four extra people in a small one bedroom apartment. I also know he has been busy preparing for a trip he is taking with a youth group he is involved with. I also know he is no longer a facebook friend with the woman who was after him (one positive I guess). I know he has been very stressed.

I haven't wanted to add to this stress so while I feel I deserve an explanation as to the distancing (imagined or not) I don't want to ask him about this at the moment. The last communication I had with him was the day before he left on his trip. I wished him a good time and said I when he gets back to let me know if he wants to catch up for coffee or something. His reply was that he "would be back in two weeks. Have fun."

So basically I guess I just need to sit back, wait and see what happens when he gets back in 2 weeks. It's going to be a long 2 weeks I think In the meantime, D has decided that I need to get out and about and meet some other people (men) so I'll go along with this I guess even though none of the potentials appeal very much. I never used to be picky, but after meeting S, no one (apart from D) even comes close.
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