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The four girls our 2 and k's 2 are great. Our 17 yo knows all about the relationship he and I were strained during the separation, but since H and I have gotten back together we have rebuilt our relationship. He speaks to k when he sees her.

As far as the violence that has all ended since H was diagnosed and emotionally she is doing great with the exception of dealing with K. We haven't had a true fight or issues of violence since October.

H says she wants to continue to explore poly, says K may not be the right one but has done nothing to explore others.

I am resigned to trying to let them work on things and to try to encourage them to communicate openly and honestly about feelings and desires when we get back and try to be patient.

Thanks for the advice any other thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Btw both H and K are aware of my posting and are reading your responses so feel free to address anything you would like to either robot hog them.

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