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I'd guess (without having the background of closely monitoring it over any long period) that what I've experienced is about 50/50 - i.e. that of people in position of privilege, about half have earned the right - the other half haven't, and that probably only 2% know how to properly manage it once they've gotten there. When I make this statement I'm not referring to monetary wealth - but position.
Privilege by it's very definition is unearned. A person can achieve a high position because of privilege or despite not having privilege, but the position is the result of it, not the privilege itself.

I think this came up because this thread was how to communicate something that's not mainstream in a way that's more understandable to mainstream groups. Privilege is inherent in that kind of dynamic. Some people were unpacking that dynamic.

If you're interested in reading more about it, I would suggest the book "White Like Me" by Tim Wise. He does a great job of explaining privilege in the context of race.
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