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Default Privilege

I'm very intrigued by the somewhat frequent appearance of discussions around privilege. I'm not sure how pertinent a discussion on this topic would be to this forum but I'd love to learn more about it and engage somehow with others and learn their perspectives, concerns & experiences.
Maybe some of you here (Ceoli - this seems to be fertile ground for you?) might point me to some resources - books, forums etc - that you feel are good illustrations of the full topic ? That would allow others also to pursue at their discretion.
I'm certainly not ignorant of the problem of privilege but neither have I seen more than I guess I expect to see, given human history. And to me, it seems we have made some progress on this front but maybe that's only been my experience. I'd guess (without having the background of closely monitoring it over any long period) that what I've experienced is about 50/50 - i.e. that of people in position of privilege, about half have earned the right - the other half haven't, and that probably only 2% know how to properly manage it once they've gotten there. When I make this statement I'm not referring to monetary wealth - but position.
Thanks for any pointers anyone has !

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