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Default What do you think?

A short background on the issue...
R and I are long time friends and some-time lovers. He just lost a baby with another girl in December. He says he wants to move out here with me and live in a V with me and my husband, John. He made a commitment to me to do so and to talk to me every week (my only "boyfriend" requirement from him at this point) until such a time as he's out here or he changes his mind.

My counselor says I'm taking advantage of R by even considering him moving out here right now because of his loss.

John says he only wants to do it because I'm familiar, but is ok with him moving in with us.

Personally, I feel that R needs something familiar and I am willing to be that for him.

R says I'm not taking advantage of him.

What is your take? Feel free to be harsh and honest. If you need more info, ask.
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