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I got way off track my last post. I don't think I would pushing or putting my own stresses on anyone else. I keep a rather private life, with only a few I am close too. That's my preference. Being independent and only keeping a few people around me who know me. For a long time my relationship with my parents was very strained and were not at all close. Over the last few years I have actually built a relationship with my parents...finally! Including them with what brings me joy, and my guys are really the source of my strength. I didn't learn much from my parents, but they gave the best example I could ask for, for what love looks like. I am fortunate enough that without ever intending too I found love twice.

I do try to stay positive and keep a positive spin on things. I have been told at time or another I have Major Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder...labels I don't particularly care for. So I just take it as I need to put a little more effort into noticing the good things and celebrating them. Bad things happen and don't dwell or regret them. Take it in and make sure to be happy. I don't wish to make anyone unhappy or stressed. I hope that in the end they can appreciate who I am. That here their daughter is opening up to them with such personal stories.

EDIT/ I hope that isn't too confusing. I know that some of my thoughts are contrary to each other. That is why I am just posting on an online forum and talking in theory. I don't act rashly. Often I overthink before I take any actions, and consider all outcomes or consequences.
Your task is to acknowledge to yourself and others that every part of you has a right to exist.

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