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I don't know what happened to my previous response to this thread. There's been so much going on around here recently, maybe I never actually posted what I wrote. Who knows . . .

I went through a period of time several years ago when I struggled with recurring yeast infections. I finally got things back in balance when I learned more about the enemy (the yeast) and targeted my plan accordingly.

There's a LOT more to be said, but in a nutshell: yeast is a tiny plant (not a bacteria or other tiny animal). It grows best in dark, moist places with plenty of available nutrients. The human vagina is prime garden spot for yeasts, as is the digestive tract and several other prime locations on our persons. Most people have some yeasts present on and in our bodies; the problem comes when there are too many of them and the overgrowth creates problems.

To get rid of it, make your body less hospitible to it. A multi-step approach often works best. Plain water douches flush out the overgrown weeds and reduce available nutrients. Next, give those areas plenty of light and air, because yeasts hate that. (Easier said than done in some climates, I know, especially this time of year. But worth the effort.) Then, minimizing available moisture slows regrowth too. Think tampons, unless there's a reason not to. Finally, repopulate the area with benign creatures like lactobacillus acidophilus, to crowd out the yeasts so they can't create problems. You can break open the capsules and stir the powder into a douche, better yet make a paste and apply to the effected area. Taking additional capsules orally can't hurt either.

So, to summarize. Plain water douche. Light and air. Dry. Repopulate. Repeat as needed until condition clears, ending with repopulation. Works like a charm.

Here's to your health!

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