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Originally Posted by bobcat725 View Post
My first posting.... Hi SnC. My husband and I are new to poly, too.

Sorry about all the hooplah with the back and forth of the initial postings.

How about we all start over? I'm hoping to glean some info off this thread.
If it makes sense for a newbie to the forum to welcome another newbie to the forum, WELCOME!

Being poly is an exciting adventure! Of course, there's lots to learn and understand. Most people in western society don't grow up understanding how to participate in a non-monogamous relationship. We're Disney-programmed (as I've called it) from an early age to find the handsome prince or the fair (usually helpless <choke>) maiden and get married, living happily ever after in marital bliss because you plucked up the courage to say "I do". The formula doesn't work very well for monogamous relationships, and it's an abysmal failure for non-monogamous relationships.

The 'bump' we hit taught us that we really needed to spend some time educating ourselves, and gaining a better understanding of things so we could be better relationship partners in a poly circumstance.

We feel that we're fortunate to be coming to the poly table with five years of swinging experience; the various concerns regarding non-monogamy from a physical perspective have been answered. Emotional aspects played a part too, but not like what we're embarking on now. We hope to learn a lot here.

I don't know that we have a lot of questions just yet. We do know that there's a lot of information we don't know yet, but we're so new to it all that we don't know even the questions we'd like to ask yet. We will probably develop more questions as we read more.
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