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I spoke to my Mum on the phone last night, it was a general phone call to wish her a happy new year. R was here with me and montianboy was not,

I think I did ok with this phone call, she went back over some of her worrys etc and hinted at not being willing to meet R. Rather than get angry or frustarted with her on the phone I told that that i understood that she was obviously worried about me and that i apreciated that she loved me enough to care. I then reasured her that i was very happy and that nothing at all bad was happening to me. I also said that i understood if she felt uncomfortable meeting R at first but told her that whenever she is ready to meet him we can arange something.

By the end of the phone calls she seemed a lot more relaxed, and even passed on new years wishes to R who she knew was also at home with me,
that is BIG step for my Mum

i think however when she talks to my step dad again she might backtrack a little, she said on phone call she would be willing to meet him at some point but i know that my step Dad will try to persuade her that this is a bad idea.

My Dad will prob never accept this, (my parents are seperated) but my Dad is a huge disapointment to me. Christmas eve he text me to tell me that both myself and montianboy where to delete his number from our phone because we disgust him. I honestly do not desire or care for his approval hes hurt me and the rest of my family so many times that i keep in touch with him only becuase i feel guilty to have no contact at all.

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