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Hi all
I was officially divorced by the UK courts on 7 Dec. Soooo much has happened, and yes, Magdlyn, I *do* want to talk about it here.

But which parts to talk about, gosh, I dont know yet.

Yes, you might say it was the religion in the end. But she will blame someone else that I met (there was no sex, and I NEVER went to see her without asking my wife first).

She wanted an amicable separation. Now, in the UK, there is no such thing! so you HAVE to blame someone, and I agreed that she could slander me. I did not contest what she said about me. I could have stopped the whole thing by telling the court, truthfully, that I wanted to reconcile, and that she refused to go to couples counselling, when I offered it multiple times.

But I didnt contest it, I wanted to give her what she wants - to meet someone else.

By the way, hows this - in the eyes of the UK law - if I'd had sex with a woman, thats adultery, but if Id had it with another man, its not. go figure.

Weve nearly sorted out all the financial and child care arrangements. and ive moved out to a studio flat down the road.

How sad.

Her lawyer wrote to me that she "wanted a christian marriage". What I wanted was an intimate relationship. The 2 dont line up well.
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