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Default New Relationship Energy running amok....

My husband and I are new to poly, too.

I have a lover that I have been involved with for about a month. My husband is looking (we've been married for 10+ years with 2 children), though if I weren't poly, he probably would not be looking at all. He struggles much more than I do with this arrangement emotionally. We are a little freaked out about how this is going to affect our family and home and social life.

I feel so happy at times with living my life freely and finally feeling like ME.

BUT, can I introduce my lover to friends and walk around the town holding hands? No, not yet. Can I have my lover here at our house so we can all hang out together? No, not yet. Is it realistic to think any of this can even happen?
When? How soon? All this stuff will be hard for me. I'm impatient with these things.

Any advice out there on how to take things one step at a time and not get too carried away with the new found liberation? Thanks.
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