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I'm sorry. Breaking up stinks. I'm glad she was up front as best as she could be with you though. I rather have that than be given "run around."

I thought thinks had been going very well, but she let me know that meeting my time and sexual needs was too much of a strain for her.
Fair enough. If meeting your needs is a strain for her, it is a strain. IF she's no longer willing and able, she's no longer willing and able.

But were you given opportunity to discuss to double check and see if some of your needs are actually wants rather than need-to-haves, and can be compromised on to alleviate the strain so the relationship can continue? Or she's just done?

I was told that because I am still mono that being in a poly relationship is not fair to me and that I should go find someone to be my everything.
You can be monoamorous and ok in a polyship. (Are you ok and happy in it?)

Is it about her? That SHE is not comfortable with dating a monoamorous person and dealing with her guilty feelings over it somehow? If the problem is her, it is kinder for her to own it when breaking up than try to shoosh it on you like you being monoamorous and poly-willing is somehow a failing! It isn't! And she doesn't determine what is "fair" and tolerable for you. You do. YOU decide what you are willing/not willing to accept.


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