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The article is a well-worded attack on monogamy, mainly focusing on men's perspectives and the lie, rammed down men's throats from birth to death and from every corner of society, that mutual exclusion is the only relationship form available. I found the article relevent, maybe because being a guy it was good to see an article geared towards men. But additionally the article spoke to my dilemma - trying to be a 'good' male in a culture gone awry. For men (and women), cheating seems to be the only vehicle to satisfying a need, apart from the life-long frustration at attempting to force a crooked piece into a square hole by shutting down an entire part of ones persona. Is it wrong to cheat. Of course. Extremely hurtful to a loved one? A betrayal? Yes and yes. The article doesn't exonerate infidelity. But it does offer a way out - challenge monogamy in a culture-wide attack. And that seems to be what is happening, thanks largely to the Internet.

Anyone who has teenage children who are in relationships will tell you that they are much more exposed to the varieties of sexual communion then earlier generations. And young men and women are more aware that sex doesn't have to be a taboo subject at all, if they don't want it to be. Interestingly it has also freed women in equal proportion - hookup culture requires as many females as males to be such a widespread phenomenon. And where are these stories and experiences shared? On social sites mainly, with private messages and interesting links shared among friends.

The article states that cheating and monogamy need to be scrutinised. The former has always been drawn to the light, you can pickup any newsstand tabloid to see the latest transgressions of a Hollywood actor, but monogamy - somehow that little dogma keeps ducking the rightful condemnation that it deserves.
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