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Originally Posted by SnC View Post
Is this the norm for this forum? Treat people like "noobs", put them on the defensive, pretty much force them to explain themselves, and quote guidelines at them?

"Welcome" indeed.
Ummm... nobody forced you to explain anything - this is an internet message board and we are all anonymous, so how could you be forced into anything when it is your choice to post or not? People asking questions is forcing you to defend and explain yourself? You don't have to explain a darn thing if you don't want to.

AND my quoting the guidelines was a courtesy I extended to you, so that you would know how this forum is run. Why wouldn't you want to know the guidelines, anyway? I was simply sharing information to help you understand why some other folks may have responded in the way they did. I was being nice by doing that.

And I was quite sincere when I welcomed you. But fuck that! Sheesh.
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