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Originally Posted by dust View Post
But how does love and relationships fit in here? Because when one person tries to open up a mono relationship, it is because there is something they need.

Apologies, I've just arrived in this thread, and have only read this post, but wanted to reply specifically to this.

I, myself, don't believe this is true. I don't need a relationship, I don't need many relationships. (well, apart from I think humans need humans and all that) I'm quite capable of having a lovely life with no mono or poly partners at all.

Me? I WANT all the goodies I get from relationships. I want a warm body to sleep with at night, and I want someone who is kind and lovely and fun and all whatever I want.

But I would much rather not need anything from that person. I don't look for some need, other than I want it, as the reason I 'open a relationship.'

edited to add:

sorry, I'm an idjit. I completely misread that. I read 'open a relationship' as 'start a relationship' My humongous apologies.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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