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I'll restate what I said above; "As for my wife creating an account; she doesn't want to. As we've always done, she's always in the loop and prefers that I do the typing. " She will never log in here.

My wife and I are both rather incensed at the approach here. We didn't come here to offend, create a situation where we're on the defensive, have bureaucracy thrown at us, or have to justify that we are together. We came here looking for knowledge, and now with an innocent posting a bee's nest has apparently been poked with vigor.

And yes, people were putting us on the defensive. With the very first response to this, I had to defend that my wife is in fact her own person, and defend that we are not uncomfortable in addressing ourselves as 'we". I didn't mention anything at all about having threesomes, but then have to defend on that. Now we're finding we have to defend why we will only ever have one account; a point which was already explained but we nevertheless have to defend it anyway.

Is this the norm for this forum? Treat people like "noobs", put them on the defensive, pretty much force them to explain themselves, and quote guidelines at them?

"Welcome" indeed.
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