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Default Poly Vs. Social Groups

Okay, so here's something I'm curious of everyone's take on. I'm sure there's a thread somewhere about some of this stuff, but hey, I'm lazy.

So, I grew up in a relatively traditional area (Kentucky), playing punk rock and hanging out with the rock n' roll scene. Despite the sex & drugs attitude, most of that group was fairly traditional in its relationships; people were usually taken and monogamous (although infidelity was rampant and communication was lacking, to say the least). I was very much accustomed to that.

In the last several years, though, I've been playing in different scenes that I don't really have experience in, and I've noticed that the poly lifestyle is hyper prevalent in some social groups - to such an extent that it really surprises me. The band I'm in now plays a lot of Steampunk or nerd-culture conventions, and I was absolutely amazed to find that poly was, in many cases, the norm. The same is true with the DIY punk scene around the country. I've been absolutely blown away at times - there are moments where I've told a new friend/prospective partner about my lifestyle and been greeted with a (genuine) "Of course! What's new? Everyone here is. I'm surprised when I meet someone who isn't".

Some of that seems based in the fact that all of those cultures are in some way outsiders. I imagine someone who is outside the mainstream in general will obviously be open to other non-traditional lifestyles (particularly the DIY scene, because there is a huge feminist, consent-based, genderqueer & pansexual component). But on the other hand, it's still very surprising to me given my upbringing.

The question: have you all noticed any groups/cultures/scenes that seem to really cater to poly (outside of the kink culture and such)? Are there certain groups who seem to flock towards non-monogamy, or vice-versa? And why do you think that is?
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