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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
That's another HUGE issue I have with that particular point; its GAMING. We wouldn't be having this part of the conversation if it was golf or baking or collecting thimbles or reading books or making art. For some reason, I see more people complain about gaming being a timesink for the people they love than anything else and 99 times out of 100 it comes from someone who isn't a gamer.
Ummm, because statistically speaking a LOT more people spend a LOT more time and money on gaming than is usual for most other hobbies. For whatever reason it seems to be very addicting for some. There may be the occasional person who fails classes or loses a job or relationship due to too much time spent baking, but it's far more rare. There are lots people who can balance gaming as a fun, non-detrimental part of their lives, but there's also lots of people who can't.

ETA: Other high-cost, long-hours hobbies, like golf, can indeed cause rifts in relationships, if it isn't an interest the people in the relationship share.
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