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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Jerks are often just jerks regardless of their method of choice. They'll just as soon call a new player a "fag" when that new player kills then as they will screech and hoot at a female player. They're not sexist and they're not homophobic, they dont hate and fear gay people and women. They're looking for something to use to make themselves a nuisance. On a game, that's often insults and the low-hanging fruit of insults are usually to question one's sexual orientation (if the target is male) and make sexually harassing comments (if the target is female).
As a high school teacher, students are NOT allowed to say, "That's so GAY!" in my classroom. I don't care if they're actually homophobic or not. I don't care if they have gay friends or not. I don't allow them to say it because it perpetuates an idea that using sexual orientation (perceived or actual) or gender identity (perceived or actual) as an insult IS OKAY. When it is NOT OKAY. In the paragraph I quoted above you do the exact same thing, minimizing the effects of males using orientation or gender to insult. As if it were somehow justafiable, because they're just "looking for something to use to make themselves a nuisance." That is in NO WAY an acceptable reason. If it were not tolerated by the gaming community in general, they would eventually stop doing it and find other, more gender-neutral ways of insulting teh noobs. Allowing anti-gay and misogynistic behavior to continue without challenging it is as bad as spreading it yourself. This is absolutely one case where if you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the over-arching problem of societal acceptance of this behavior.
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