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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Female gamers are between 40-50% of the gaming community (depending which study/game/platform you're talking about) so painting it as a "boy's world" doesn't fly with me anymore.
Mmmm, I would say that the female gamers need to weigh in on this more. I don't know that boys can accurately determine whether something does or does not feel like a "boys club" to the non-boys. For instance, there are still MANY mainstream game stores with clerks in their 20's or 30's that give females trying to buy certain games grief, either trying to "make" them admit that they're actually buying the game for a brother, boyfriend, or husband or steer them towards different games that "would be more your speed". Even without the EXTREME douchebags who are assholes to EVERYONE, there's a LOT of smack talking that centers on gender and sexuality, portraying being female or gay as a negative thing.

November Rain and I were talking about this article earlier today, and my conclusion was that this behavior is present in MANY groups of men (though certainly not all), whether it's a group of music fans, or sports fans, or whatever. The only difference here is that somehow this idea has developed that gaming groups are less misogynistic than others, which just isn't the case. They're as misogynistic as anywhere else in society, but perhaps it is just now being realized how automatic and deep-seated that misogyny is.

(For the record, I'm a pen-and-paper-and-dice gamer, not an online gamer, so any misogyny I've faced has been in person, which makes it easier to deal with and hopefully squash early.)
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