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[QUOTE=Ravenesque;17603]I suppose that's different from seeing persecution everywhere in the world. What exactly is the purpose of fighting for polyamorous rights if poly people do not feel they are disadvantaged, oppressed and not treated equally without these rights? What then is the issue?

I don't think people are actively oppressing me at all or that I am at a disadvantage...I don't even think most know about multi-partner relationships honestly. As far as legalities go I see only two that are desperately needed; those in regards to protecting the rights of parents and not allowing people in the workforce to be discriminated against.

So, back to the original question..what are the rights we would want? Additionally, what would be the criteria for a valid poly relationship? Co-habitation? A recognized ceremony? A committal period of time?

These are the black and white details that would need to be addressed in order to form legal recognition. Not acceptance or even respect. It's a case of just tell us what you are and what you want. Being vague and talking in sweeping generalities is where the anti Polygamy law in Canada failed...let's not make the same mistake again.

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