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Re (from FunkylilMama, Post #4):
"What do you mean I may have passed him up in terms of what's possible?"
Well, if you are now thinking it would be nice to live a poly life, and yet have cause to worry that he'd react badly to that news, then you've "passed him up" in that sense. I remember that in your first post:

"When I met DH, he opened my eyes and my heart to a completely different take on life. He showed me mind opening things and helped me to eliminate and deal with some of the programming that I had experienced most of my life."
So the tables are now turned; it's now you who hopes you can open *his* eyes and heart to a completely different take on life.

An offsite thread that might help is:

Besides that, the other members on this thread have gave some great advice. It won't guarantee a good reaction on your husband's part, but it will probably help. And remember, he's responsible for his own behavior. As long as you are "breaking the news" gently, and not making any immediate demands, then you are doing your part.
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