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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Perhaps a new thread on oppression is in order? I would hate to be in a world where I saw and felt oppression everywhere. Glad I am not there but would love to see a thread started to explain it to me. I don't feel it is a part of my multi-partner community.
I suppose that's different from seeing persecution everywhere in the world. What exactly is the purpose of fighting for polyamorous rights if poly people do not feel they are disadvantaged, oppressed and not treated equally without these rights? What then is the issue?

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Laws can be written (or striken) without full acceptance...sometimes one has to show up in law first...and then society can follow suit. I'd suspect there's examples to be found in Civil Rights legislation and same sex marriage laws (and other places) in both the US and Canada where the process of acceptance was ongoing well after the laws came into force.
Indeed. Acceptance translates into numbers. Numbers of people who vote. Discussing what laws should be changed or freshly implemented becomes a null point if the majority of the ones that vote, such as Representatives and Senators in the U.S, don't understand or accept polyamory. Or is the acceptance of legislators not needed here?

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