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Question fall in love all the time - to many relationships?

Its wonderful to live in a world with so many unique persons. Its to easy to start loving them. Could this be a problem?

Yes, if you alredy have a lot of other stuff running in life. Then start a tird relationship wich interests you and you want to grow, get to know more about the person and so on... how to do this?

And if not possible - how to chose, i have a hard time with monoamorous way of chooseing.

I also have som trouble with thinking of primary partner and secondary, i would like to see every person and relation as unique - but I cant share my consious in bigger part then sum of the whole. And to be realistic I know exactly witch person that is most important if I am, for a second, crass and egoistic.

And all the time this analysing is going on: why do i do like this, is it true? What if the monogamists are right? Wouldnt it just end that everybody gets hurt? Are all those lovestories just a way to not handle lacking self esteem?

But still this way make us so much more secure, let us live out our feelings and not suppress anything. That must be a good thing.

Do anybody recognice this confusion? Did you survive and have good advices? Im all ears!

Sorry for the english, not my naitive language.
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