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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
LR, can you give some examples of "making amends?" I'm having trouble distinguishing that from apologizing or just "not fucking up anymore" but it sounds like you mean more than that...
Even though the question was addressed to LR, I am interrupting to give you MY two cents:

"Not fucking up anymore" goes under "rebuilding trust". It is also part of "making amends", but "making amends" goes further than just "not fucking up" and is more specific depending on the situation and the individuals involved.

For example, if a person "talked smack" about you, then "making amends" for that might involve them going to the people they talked to and setting the record straight.

Or, if someone borrowed your car and wrecked it, "making amends" could involve giving that person rides or helping them get another vehicle.

If someone cheated in a relationship, "making amends" would be a more abstract thing and depends heavily on the personalities of the individuals, but it could involve pro-active things like doing nice things for the cheatee without being asked, or re-active things like checking in with the cheatee according to their comfort zone.

I typically don't ever need to do these kinds of things myself, due to the fact that I am perfect and never make mistakes. However, I am prepared for the possibility that someday, someone might need to "make amends" to me, and therefore I have put a lot of thought into my answer.
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