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Hi all. I'm fairly new-ish to the whole Poly thing as I've only been in mono relationships and always get that urge for more then just one person to spend my life with. I'd love to find a loving lady or 3 *winks* to spend time with, love and care for, maybe have a few kids with I've had friends who had a master/husband and i've seen their life with my own eyes and I knew it was something I've wanted secretly sense I started having relationships. If there's anyone out there in Orlando or Florida willing I'd love to get intouch and chat anytime . Or if there's anyone in Georga either that's great too as I'll be moving there sometime in the spring of 2013.

Just some info about myself: I am on the hefty side, pushing the high-higher end of 300lb's but I'm also trained in martial arts so I am fit enough to defend myself and anyone I care about from harm. I enjoy relaxing at home while playing a rousing game of Battlefield 3 or spending time on my laptop for various things/reasons. But that doesn't mean I don't like going out and having a good time. I'm almost up for anything/everything. Just a suggestion and I'll be more then happy to think it over and more often then not I'd try it

Hope to hear from anyone soon, very eager to meet! <3
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