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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I'm sorry, but honestly, I would prefer to be treated like an adult. I've worked with people who take on the attitude you describe and the effect of it is very condescending. Instead of assuming that I know more about someone else's anger than they know, I'd rather listen to them as an equal. ESPECIALLY if I'm in communication with someone who is marginalized. To treat them as a child that I must take a parental role would just marginalize them further.
I agree, I would prefer to be treated as an adult also. The effect is condescending for sure. I just get so frustrated that quite often, my anger about a certain issues seems to make people think they have the right to treat me like a child. This was my attempt at sarcasm that probably dismally failed.... ya. it did didn't it...

I'm sorry, I just get so fed up with being serious about this stuff.... I get what you are saying, and I thank you for taking the time to inform me and everyone else, but, I just am not at a place where I can be serious about it all right now.

Tired, time for bed.
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