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Personally I am quite a-political. If it wasn't for the fact that all the people in offices large and small effect my personal life I would rather opt out of the drama and layers of lies and also lies of politics. I have two guys I am in a relationship with, and many years ago I asked my guy Ave to take over politics for me. Ave has the stamina to watch news programs and research politics on the internet, so then he gives me the extremely short version so I stay in the loop. Ave and I also tended to have identical viewpoints...and ever since I gave up my politcal views to him we do have identical viewpoints now.

With my other guy, we can have quite the difference of opinion on many topics. But I wouldn't let that interfere with our relationship (and he doesn't either). As long as no one gets personally offended or indigent at someone else's opposing viewpoint you can coexist. The world doesn't act that way but it is actually possible
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