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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Iím not looking for the usual ďacceptanceĒ and ďunderstandingĒ because those canít be mandated by law. Iím not looking for anti oppression rhetoric because I donít identify as a victim in my choice to follow this path. I am talking about black and white rights. The kind that get written down.
I have to ask, how are these "black and white rights" going to be written down in law without polyamory being accepted?

If no one understands then what is the incentive to lift "legal persecution." How is this anything but dealing with the symptoms and not the underlying illness.

Laws don't come into being at the governmental level without education and change happening on a social level.

It is ironic that the term persecution is being used when we're not talking of victims here.

Changing the language does not change the reality. "Legal persecution" is institutionalized oppression. Trying to separate it because the term "oppression" offends white male monogamous privileged sensibilities is absurd.

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