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I am the poly one in my relationship but my husband is opening up to the idea of exploring his own options (YAY!)

I just spent Friday afternoon through Thursday morning with my boyfriend. That was an unusual length of time. I was really sick and did not want to expose my kids. I usually spend 2-4 days a week with my boyfriend. That means sleeping over at his house. I spend every other weekend at my boyfriends house Friday after work til Monday morning when I head into work. Then I spend a week night or two at his house in between (On his days off he works 6 pm to 6 am)

I know it bothered my husband but he wants me happy so we compromised. Now that he and my boyfriend are friends it got easier. Plus my husband has found some play partners of his own and is experiencing NRE of his own.

I actually see my boyfriend more NOW then when we first started dating. We have been together over 8 months.
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