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I'm guessing that the reason for that is because is such a bustling site, there is a ton of stuff going on and posts going up everywhere. Be patient and ping your own threads from time to time; they'll get answered eventually.

Welcome to our site. I think you and your husband are both on a journey that will take a long time to complete. Will your husband be willing to read the books you are reading? You may have passed him up already in terms of what's possible.

I can relate/sympathize with you on the background of going to church and trying to fit in, where there just isn't any way to fit in. I am now in a poly relationship which seals me off forever from re-joining the church of my youth.

Share with your husband what you are learning, as much as you can. Invite him to read the same books you're reading. Try to have talks where you discuss what you are learning as a couple.

I hope is a good place for you, to learn, to relax, and just to feel accepted.

Kevin T.
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