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Originally Posted by hyena View Post
What would you all say is the worst book you had to read in high school? Or best? Or most life-altering situation in terms of reading and writing?
Catcher in the Rye would have to be the worst just for being bad. Holden is a whiny little bastard who complains about everything and that's basically the entire book. I want to just grab him by the scruff of the neck and throw him into Palestine or Syria.

I ended up hating Shakespeare but I don't necessarily think his work was bad in and of itself, just mediocre.

I did enjoy Ender's Game but I did that despite the class. Our teacher was extremely strange and during class one day when we were talking about the book and had gotten to a scene where the boys all run to the shower and the text mentions them being naked, she says, dead serious with no pauses, "He talks about naked boys a lot, I think its because he's Mormon, anyways..."

We were just kinda sitting there staring at her completely bewildered. We looked around at each other like "Did that really just happen?"

Because she insisted we spend so much time EXAMINING the book and plot elements we actually didnt finish the book in class but I got into it so I just read the whole thing on my spare time.

Honestly, I'd toss a copy of Days of Love Nights of War on every student's desk and give them time in class to read it. There's a reason I'd never be a teacher XD
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