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Wow. It never even occurred to me in the past 30 years to come out about *any* of this (bisexual, poly, non-monogamy) to *any* of my family.
Consider this...when my (42 year old) cousin had a child out of wedlock (*gasp*) with one of his girlfriends and they decided not to get married as a result (*gasp*) my mother's comment was "Oh...there is just no way I can accept that", meaning she feels compelled to state to anyone who will listen how wrong all of it is, and that if she see's this cousin again she will be distant and cold but never say anything about it and that she has no need to *ever* go anywhere near the child if at all possible.
This cousin was my closest friend when growing up, almost a son to my mother when we were young. and my mother is the most *tolerant* of my family.

Yeah. not ever sharing any of this with family, and if it ever comes out I'll decide to enjoy the blissful silence of them never speaking to me again. might even laugh ecstatically about it.

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