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Originally Posted by nessajay View Post
I have one tattoo on my left wrist
Yeah! Yeah! Atom tattoos! The atom I have is a bit more, um, traditional...but still! Yeah! Please excuse the very blurry photo made with my very old, terrible camera.

Bonus points and a prize to anyone who can identify the atom.

I'm actually part of this local poetry/tattoo project right now. Everyone who signed up gets to choose a small phrase from a poem, written about my town, that is then tattooed on them with a design. When they're all done, the words and respective designs will form the poem and a picture. Unfortunately, I was late to sign up and was just assigned a phrase based on what became available........and the phrase I was assigned is "the Mating Call". I get it on Jan. 19. Any theories on where to get that? I love the idea, but it is a phrase that could be a little awkward tattooed too, um, obviously.
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