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Default Marathoner we are on the same page...

Originally Posted by Marathoner View Post
Sweet Sensations,

Dust makes some excellent points.

Thinking about Dust's points, is there any way you could try out some of his ideas? Try them on for size?

If you do, I suggest you combine it with lots of reassurance. "I love you, H. I'll text you when I arrive at the hotel, and I'll text you when I take a bathroom break to let you know I'm safe. I'll text you when I'm in the car driving home."

And when you arrive at home, give him a long, long languid kiss. And tell him you love him.
Marathoner thanks for all your wisdom- sorry he only peck kisses now and I will try anything once I break through. The combination with reassurance is a rockin idea.
-In the morning he finds me and gives me a hug and kiss good bye.
-He comes in I give him a hugging massage.
-Each night I will fetch him grape juice or a snack. Just showin love (new)
-At night I drop what I am doing and tuck him in bed and kiss him, and hug him, and sometimes give him what we call a 2 minute massage.
haha as I write this my H turned on "The best sex a retrospective" wild! Will she get lucky? Not a chance. C'est la vie
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