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BB has a lucrative job where he lives in the southern US. He cannot find the exact same kind of opportunity here, but he does actually like where I live better (Minnesota) and wants to move back north sometime in the future. If I had a "real" job I could make a career out of that would be better for him to move up here. Then, even if he had a less lucrative job in the same field I could do more to support him.

Which I want to do, I hate just working for paycheck and only breaking even. It wouldn't be fair to ask BB to move up here, right now, dip into his savings, sell his house, and then be the big breadwinner for me and Ave too. The most appealing idea we have had, is that in a few years I should finally have a real career on my hands. Then what BB can do is move here, likely getting a job with less money than he has now, but it can be more about the fun of his work (he is a pilot and loves flying planes). So it would be my house in my name, and he can not worry about being a homeowner, I would be the homeowner with Ave.

The plan is a work in progress. It hinges on me finishing my degree and getting into the field I want to be.
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