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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Gas, food and hotels for 6 days of driving is likely more expensive than one round trip plane ticket. Watch for deals and other airports! An airport an hour or two away, is still going to be less hassle than 6 days of driving. Around here any thing over an 8 hour drive (to a major city) is cheaper by plane if it's only one person and that doesn't require a hotel stay. I think you said your husband was military, check with family services and see what they might be able to offer in the way of help.
yeah, I know. She will be bringing my son and she instists on driving. Its really annoying to me, since Im sure she will get her and not want to drive around bc she hates traffic. It is cheaper for her to drive, since our son will be with her most likely, but its still annoying that she wont take a bus!
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