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We are in a V. Myself, my husband and my boyfriend.
My boyfriend willingingly fathered our youngest (of 4) child. She calls my husband daddy-but she knows her biology (as does the whole family and friends etc-we're very open about it). She calls my boyfriend by his given name-but they have a VERY close parental relationship also.

We aren't a triad and never will be-both men are heterosexual and uninterested in one another. But, we have lived together for 10 years and co-parented all of the children together. The oldest is 21. My boyfriend came in the picture as a close friend when she was a year and a half-and she's always called him her uncle. My stepson is 16 and also called him uncle. Our son is 12 and has always called him uncle. The youngest is 5.

No idea where the poly will end up. But the co-parenting, definitely works fantastically and no regrets in having done it.
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