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Thanks kdt!

My parents were never involved in the few people I have dated. That was an area of my life I kept private from my family. In High School I dated four guys before my Ave, but I was only intimate with two of them. And through a series of confusing and stressful events I found myself wanting to be with my cous BB too. All this before I knew about Polyamory. I did not intend for my relationships to be a secret. And it being secret means I lie sometimes. I feel bad about lying. So even though I don't expect a welcoming response from my parents or other family it is what it is and not truly their business, but I don't want to lie anymore.

Sometimes I just think the three of us should all move into a house together and leave everyone to fill in the blank themselves. But BB really likes having his own space so that wouldn't happen anytime soon. Some day I think it will but not for a long time. I think it will because I am very persistant and trying to make that happen, slowly but surely.

Ave would come out with me, but BB is concerned about being alienated from his family. Even though we are cousins our seperate neucular families have never been close at all. My family is much more liberal, but he is at more risk of being rejected. Lately I have been working to learn who his family is and maybe even befriend his brothers, sisters, and other family. Because I am almost a stranger to them. So that then I am hopefully not just some harlot who came from out of nowhere and seduced their beloved favorite son. Lol
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