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I feel like writing.

I talked to R about John's requirements some, and I'm going ot talk to him some more about it tonight. My goal is to not overwhelm him with restrictions or rules or even boundaries right now. There will be time to hammer out those things later.

John wants us out of this house, well thats not accurate, we can't live with R here, so we have to get out of this house, which we can't do until June, so we are going to pack everything up, go out to GA for a month and come back and find a place. All of us in a hotel room and the dog in a kennel will motivate me to find a place quick!

We have to save money - about $3000 I think, for the move. To cover hotel and down payments on the house and utilities. I'm going to save half our tax returns for that, and then some every month, which will be hard for me as I'm not a saver!

I've also got to have money for my mom to come out and help with the baby in April. And she wants to stop twice for hotel rooms instead of driving half way, so it will take her 3 days to get out here and $600 of my money. Twice. Since my dad wont pay half like he said he would a few months ago.

I'm kinda stressed about the money stuff since I just found out about my mom today and just after I spent another hundred on baby stuff. I know everything will be ok, but its still stressful for me.

I have to get serious about money stuffs, and get it ingrained in me. I think I'll talk to my counselor about it next week.

I also need to talk to her about R and R living out here and R and me having a relationship and what I need to do and how I should handle things. I love that our counselor is ok with us being poly. She sees how close we are and she really is amazed sometimes that it works for us, but she is never condescending or negative.

I'm giving back V's present to me. Not sure when, but I am, my counselor suggested it. She pointed out that it wasnt really appropriate for him to give me and it may have some hidden agenda or it may not but if it made me uncomfortable, then I should give it back.

I'm sick. Its really bothering me too. Hacking up my left lung (or is it my right) and feeling so much pain is getting to me.
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