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Things are so crazy busy!

Karma is 'single' again. He has a new sub that I imagine will move into a relationship at some point. I'm not overly crazy about her, but I am beginning to resign myself to the fact that he is not attracted to the same types of people I would consider friend material.

We spent a good holiday back home. My niece and nephew are getting so big! My nephew is saying my name and is mobile! I just saw him at my graduation in May and he's already growing into such a little man. Karma got him a drum for Christmas and he played with it the whole day. Only letting go to eat a cookie. We took them for a night so my brother and sis in law could have some time alone. I love those kids but a sick baby and a full flight of stairs to his room was a great reminder as to why we don't want kids. It was great to see Karma spending time with them and building a relationship with them, but wow was that an exhausting night.

Our niece will be 4 in a few months and blows my mind with how smart she is. She was in her first play at church, she played a lamb. Once again amazed people with the fact that we went to church. I'll never get that. Just because it is not my religious path does not mean I will not be there to support those kids. She was so excited to see us and she kept her eyes on Uncle Karma the whole time. When they sang she would stop singing if she realized he wasn't singing along. It was adorable. Christmas morning she unwrapped the skate board we got her and in her pretty Christmas dress she put on her knee and elbow pads and rode all through the house on it.

Minus Karma getting bronchitis, it was a great trip. Oh and the drive home through the blizzard.

I found out I most likely have rheumatoid arthritis on top of the fibromyalgia. Dr wants some blood tests that the insurance isn't sure about covering, so for now I'm gritting my teeth and trying to get through it.

Still no dating on my end. Some interest, some that are interested, but I still feel like I don't have to time or energy to offer and I really only consider it when I'm missing time with Karma, and I don't feel that's fair to anyone.

On an interesting note, while I still have no desire to speak to him, Karma and J have made amends. Cricket played the same mind games with him as she did Karma and they were able to sit down and talk things out. No big surprise that the majority of their issues with each other stemmed from the mind games she was playing. I'm glad he's able to put things to rest and move on. J isn't one of my favorite people, but I'm glad Karma has found peace.

And that's about all the exciting news for now. We're working on getting finances straight and moving forward with our goals. 2012 was pretty successful so here's hoping 2013 follows the trend. Happy and Blessed new year to you all!
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