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Default Terminology Questions

I'm new to this forum and to these discussions in general and have some terminology questions:

1.) I'm the "hinge" in a MFM relationship- the boys are not sexual with each other alone, but we have, all three of us, experimented sexually before and probably will again in the future. I was the "center of attention", so to speak. Does this make it a triad or a V?

2.) I feel I can be attracted to anyone. I've been attracted to men, women, and people who don't identify with a gender. That being said, I feel I have the easiest time being sexual with typically "masculine" behavior. Does this make me pansexual, because I am capable of being attracted to anyone, or dos this make me bisexual because I still tend to separate between gender lines?

I had more questions but I can't think of them now!
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