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I scrolled through and tried to find whether or not this was addressed. I skimmed in places, so I apologize if it already was, but -- are all parties involved open to the idea of Kensi having another serious partner? Not an anonymous sperm donor, but a real partner who could be her husband and the father to her child if it's a man she gets involved with, or at least a second parent if it's a woman she gets involved with, in addition to her relationship with you and your husband?

If so, if she has that option on the table, then I think this could work out in a reasonable way for all involved. If that is not an option -- if her only choices, in the context of this triad, are to be childless forever or to have a child who does not have the benefit of a second parent (I'm assuming that if she had a child by a sperm donor, you wouldn't be comfortable with your husband acting in a fatherly role, since you've said you wouldn't be ok with her and him having an adoptive child... and I also assume you wouldn't be open to being a second mother to said child?), I can't see how that can work out, it just seems like a cruel position for someone who's stated she wants to be a mother to not get the benefit of a partner in parenting.

Either way, it seems like poly-friendly counseling couldn't hurt. If there's any question in your mind as to why you feel so strongly about this, why not explore that and try to understand it better?
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